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  NEW Erasmus + KA1 Course  in the South West of Ireland  Closing Date February 2nd 2017  BOOK NOW

Our PIC Number is  946855413.

Infocus Training is running ICT courses in the Summer and Autumn of 2017  for teachers and educators who are eligible for the Erasmus plus KA1 grant. The region Kerry, where the course is based in Ireland, has been awarded European Entrepreneurial Region (EER) of the Year for 2011.  Last summer we piloted a very successful iPad course which looks at how tablets can enhance teaching in the classroom. The focus is on creative apps that can be used in any  classroom. There is a strong emphasis on coooperative and intercultural learning. Click on the link below to read more.

         Cooperative Intercultural Learning with IPads

We are also running our popular windows based course which utilises free internet based tools.   The course looks at the changing nature of education and  and the concept of the  flipped classroom. The course is workshop based and combines theory with practice.  It offers teachers the opportunity to engage in these new ICT technologies and apply them to their teaching.

A fun and Interactive Learning experience with Digital Creative Tools

Both courses are based here in the South West of Ireland. They will  incorporate Irish cultural excursions and allows participants experience a culture that is steeped in history and music.

What Is Erasmus Plus In Service Training?

 Erasmus Plus allows teachers the opportunity to attend CPD(Contineous Professional Development) in another European Country reflect on their own daily experiences from a European perspective.  If you are interested in attending your school or institution must apply for the grant on your behalf and you can then attend the teacher training once the school grant is approved. Help is provided in completing the school application.

Applying for an Erasmus KA1 grant

Steps Needed to apply for a grant.

Check if your school/ organisation has registered for a PIC (Personal Identification Code) Number  which is required by all schools/ organisations who are participating in Erasmus programmes. If they have registered you can proceed with the application eform from your national agency. Click Here for a list of National Agencies. You must download and fill in the KA1 form. We can assist you in filling this form in.

How to register for a PIC:

1) Create a ECAS account

Your organisation  first needs an ECAS account before you can register for a PIC number. You can register for a new ECAS account Here  Your organisation only has to register once for an ECAS account. Click Here for more help with ECAS accounts

2) Register your school or organisation at the European participants portal to obtain your PIC 

3) Download and complete the KA1 form for your school/ institution. Click HERE for a list of National Agencies.



Feedback from Cooperative and Intercultural Learning with Tablets

"Great cooperative learning experience"

"Fantastic session, really enjoyed it! Loved the practical session, very informative"

"Great session, very informative"

"Inspired me to become involved in an twinning project, I didn't realise how straight forward it is"

"Very relevant to classroom"

"Really useful for all education levels"



Feedback from The Azores
"My participation in this formative activity was extremely important regarding my professional enrichment through the significant context in which we worked: the discovery of new working methodologies and methods of teaching, the possibility of experimenting with new tools and to use technology in the classroom, for making it possible to share resources and views on significant use of ICT in schools, the contact with teachers from other countries that allowed the sharing of practical and professional knowledge, by finding out about other education systems , curricula and forms of school organization.
The actual content of the training corresponded to the published description of the program and there was still space for sharing experiences, professional knowledge, resources and technology tools. 
The pedagogical approach was correct and appropriate to the participants, highlighting their previous knowledge and putting them in service to the large group. 
The training activities materials were adequate, have favored the quality and practical experimentation and learning. 
The event was very well organized and the participants followed at all times. 
Overall, the event was held in an excellent manner."

 Anabela - Azores 

Feedback from Spain
"From the begining, the Course seemed to be very structured and it was a great idea to create a social network in order to work on preliminary activities such as the welcoming and introduction ones, travelling and accommodation issues, etc.

The Course was mainly focused on the use of ICT in the Classroom and Colaborative Learning Tools. I think the tools we learnt to use during the course were useful and quite interesting. From my point of view, those regarding video edition were the most attractive ones. As an example, I attach a link of one of my working group videos:

I won´t forget the cultural activities where the organizers managed to create a fantastic group environment that made every place worth visiting.

To conclude, I would like to point out the schedule, the arrangement and the hospitality as the most valuable issues of my experience. I hold very nice memories from my mates (teachers from 9 different countries) and, in particular, from Brenda Walsh as the manager of this Course.

Antonio Vázquez (Spain)"


Feedback from Croatia

A Fun and Interactive Learning Experience with Digital Creative Tools

Our group was perfect: all diverse, from different countries, but all with the same spirit, and same love for our students, teaching, learning, exploring, having fun…

Testimonial - Maria, Iceland

The course was very helpful, fun and I learned a lot. Brenda is a fantastic person that made the stay in Ireland so much more amazing. The skills I learned during the course have helped me go further as a teacher. Thank you. Maria - Iceland 

Ballyduff Active Retirement Group

Mairead has been working with members of our Active Retirement Group and we are astonished at the progress they have made.

Kristin Brogan - ITT School of Business and Social Studies

Ms Brenda Walsh gave an ICT workshop to the "Modern Languages in Primary Schools" - Kerry Group last May 2010.

Maire - Interactive Whiteboard Course in Castleisland

I found the course practical, easy to follow and very informative. The hands on approach made sure that i had the confidence to use my whiteboard with ease for the first time in my classroom in Sept.

Infocus Training

Brenda Walsh - Managing Director

Tralee, Co. Kerry,


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